Creativity, the capacity to invent new ideas or objects, is what distinguishes an artisan from a master artisan, an object from a masterpiece, a simple task or job from embodied know-how. In fine craftsmanship, it is a dynamic force, a blend of personal vision, passion and perfect skill, able to balance functional and material limitations with invention, stretching the rules of the art to meet the imagination and respond to contemporary needs and tastes.

©D.Garofalo for Italia Su Misura

For me, the creative approach to artisanal work consists of channeling all your feelings into what you are making, and thinking outside the classic concept of an object. I let myself be distracted by what I see and this distraction becomes functional, concentrated into the creation.

Caterina Crepax
Paper artist

Caterina Crepax uses every variety of paper to create works that combine art, fashion, design and sheer fantasy. Her original creations move deftly between sculpture, intricate women’s dresses, interior architecture, theatre and exhibition design.

S. Pozzoli © Michelangelo Foundation 2016
S. Pozzoli © Michelangelo Foundation 2016

In 2002, I came up with the idea of collaborating with designers from outside this business to create pieces that combined craftsmanship and design. It totally 3 changed our company because it opened a new horizon and enabled me to experiment with new and different things.

Marc-Jens Biegel

Marc-Jens Biegel creates bespoke jewellery from the family base in Frankfurt’s Börsenplatz. Initially an apprentice to his father, a master goldsmith, he studied in Offenbach and London, before returning to bring cutting-edge designs to a business first opened in 1964.

T. Bertelsen © Michelangelo Foundation 2016
T. Bertelsen © Michelangelo Foundation 2016