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by Franco Cologni

When I take the time to ponder on what constitutes A Well Crafted Life, a myriad of elements come to mind which need to all balance harmoniously. The objects which you collect in your homes, that together make up a design aesthetic;  the people you surround yourself with; every aspect of life deserves careful consideration, appreciation and a conscious approach. If we reflect on the reason, we immediately connect a greater meaning to the objects we select, the places we visit, the experiences we sign up to and the people we encounter.

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Cristian Marianciuc © Alex Atack


Journey with us to different corners of Europe to meet exceptional master artisans through our new digital series #AWellCraftedLife. Learn of the stories of these craftspeople and their masterpieces. Step directly into their worlds, discovering their creative processes, studios, tools and personal voyages through Instagram takeovers. Travel to the workshops and the local surroundings of our chosen artisans and see where they draw their inspiration from for their unique creations. Watch tutorials and witness for yourself the creativity and rigorous skills demonstrated by our master artisans. A rare chance to discover the living treasures in your region or experience a new place through its resident creators.

See how our selected master artisans are all pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship.

© Cristian Marianciuc

Cristian Mariunciuc 
Paper Artist

Cristian creates intricate miniature paper cranes, each one with a new colour, texture, pattern or design, using Japanese origami techniques. 

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© All rights reserved / ©  Paranamir Shutterstock

Linda Nieuwstad 
Fabric sculptor

Linda handcrafts giant-sized flower sculptures from vibrantly coloured fabrics flocked on steel frames.

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© Dimitri Shabalin / © Reidl Shutterstock

Dimitri Shabalin 
Mask maker

Dimitri makes bejewelled sculptural masks by upcycling old pieces of memorabilia and combining them with jewels from his workshop in Moscow.

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© All rights reserved / © Boris Stroujko Shutterstock

Tabea Vietzke 
Straw Marquetry Maker

Tabea masters the ancient craftsmanship of straw marquetry, from her studio in Berlin she creates her masterpieces by blending age-old techniques with a contemporary design aesthetic.

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