Islands of Craft

Set sail for Cyprus and Malta

Explore two islands new to the Homo Faber Guide: Cyprus and Malta. From artistic needlecraft to ceramics, be inspired by the authentic stories of Cypriot and Maltese master artisans and rising stars, discover the secrets behind their techniques and masterpieces, as they reveal life in their workshops and the influence of rich Mediterranean traditions. Be guided by the recommendations of country and city ambassadors, such as Michael Anastassiades and the Malta Creative Collective.

Discover the islands of craft

Exceptional artisans


Navid and Sahand Gholipour
Furniture Makers

Creative brothers Navid and Sahand handcraft contemporary furniture pieces under the name Lovenlight using upcycled materials found on their home island of Cyprus. 



Elysia Athanatos

Elysia Athanatos’ larger than life ceramic vessels are mesmerising, and owe much to the time she spent studying art and ceramics across the world. Elysia’s creations are striking both for their shapes and her masterful use of gold glazes.



Alda Bugeja

Alda Bugeja is one of the last master weavers in Malta. Alda is passionate about preserving heritage skills and ensuring that quality is preserved, sourcing her raw materials from local Maltese sheep’s wool and cotton.



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