A celebration
of World Ocean Day

Meet the makers inspired by the ocean

In celebration of World Ocean Day, we meet a handful of makers whose craft practice is inspired by the sea and their connection to it. From an artisan using seaweed to fashion fabric to an artisan creating traditional vessels to travel the seas, explore their techniques and the importance of the marine world to their crafts.

Violaine Buet 
Seaweed worker

Violaine gathers seaweed from the shores of her local Bretagne beaches and uses it to weave unique pieces of fabric that reflect the colours of the sea. She uses a natural dying process with the help of vegetal coloration and transforms algae from its natural raw state to use it for fine and living arts, haute couture, and scenography. Working with seaweed brings her great joy, she likes to help the material naturally change into different shapes by using her hands in a harmonious manner.


Gail McGarva

From the coast of Dorset in the south of England, Gail breathes new life into the age-old craft of boat building. From traditional racing boats to fishing boats, Gail upturns and restores old models. She also specialises in building replica boats, ‘clinker’ construction and building boats by eye, without the use of designer drawings and plans. She relishes the journey of building a boat from ‘tree to sea’, and sees her sculptural boats as living creatures. 


Audrey & Delphine Le Poupon

Sisterly duo Audrey and Delphine combine their shared love of the sea to create jewellery and wall decorations from carefully worked shells. They source French abalone shells locally from the Brittany coastline where they feel a close affinity to the sea and region. Their workshop and atelier Ys Paris is named after the myth of a lost Breton city called Ys.



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