Authenticity is ultimately about people. At the root of the term lies the idea of authorship and independence, and determining authenticity often means connecting a work with an author and a specific context. Something is authentic if it is true and genuine, if it can be connected to a particular person, place and time, each of which reflect historic, artistic and social values.

©D.Garofalo for Italia Su Misura

I think an authentic instrument reflects the person who made it. I try to combine the choice of the wood with the model, the sound, the varnish, etc. If everything goes well together, the instrument is authentic. If I were just trying to make an instrument in the same way as Stradivari, I would end up losing my authenticity, because I would go by a path that’s too far removed from who I am.

Ulrike Dederer
Violin maker

Ulrike Dederer studied at the international violin-making school in Cremona, Italy, under Vincenzo and Francesco Bissolotti. Working in the Cremonese tradition and building each instrument specifically to suit the individual musician, she creates violins, violas and cellos at her workshop in Zurich.

T. Bertelsen © Michelangelo Foundation 2016
T. Bertelsen © Michelangelo Foundation 2016