Always personal, always original, interpretation is the art of transforming an idea into matter. In the process, the one who interprets is much like a translator, a negotiator or a mediator, drawing on an extensive base of knowledge, sensitivity and understanding to shape one reality into another. As interpreter, the master artisan harvests and makes sense of things to allow the beautiful, the original, the personal and the useful to emerge harmoniously.

©D.Garofalo for Italia Su Misura

If you are making a hat for a private client, the interpretation also has to do with understanding what their idea of perfection is, as well as yours. It’s bringing the two together, getting as close as possible.

Sophie Beale

Sophie Beale’s handcrafted hats are a study in depth and space, combining fluidity with structure. After training with Rose Cory and working under iconic milliners such as Noel Stewart, Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, she launched her own brand in 2012 in London.

T. Bertelsen ©Michelangelo Foundation 2016

It’s a kind of mental elasticity whereby Italian artisans create a symbiosis with the designer’s soul. It stems from the fact that Italy has been pervaded by a thousand currents, fashions, invaders, rulers and styles, which have turned it into fertile terrain for artisans able to create and to interpret.

Pino Grasso

Pino Grasso learned his trade in Italy and on the Paris haute couture scene and took over a Milanese workshop in 1958. He has worked with Italy’s best designers, from Giorgio Armani to Valentino, and is the recipient of prestigious French and Italian awards. In 2011, the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art dedicated a solo exhibition to him during Milan fashion week.

T. Bertelsen ©Michelangelo Foundation 2016