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Network Art-i-Zanat Association

Art-i-Zanat is a non-profit Serbian association. Originally founded as East Koncept in 2012 by Alexandra Lahougue-Gruden and Virginie Pannier, in 2019 it took on its new name when Nebojsa Zantic joined the committee to make up a 3 man team. The organisation represents and promotes Serbian craftspeople, scouting for new talents who demonstrate creative and craftsmanship skills which are linked to the Serbian culture. Through a programme of inspiring discussions and encounters, the organisation seeks to motivate a young generation of craftspeople, helping to pass on rich heritage from older Serbian masters. It organises workshops, demonstrations, and summer camps. The association also provides digital assistance to craftspeople. All with the aim of helping young craftspeople make a livelihood from their métiers.

Brace Mihajlovic Tripic Broj 41/5
11 273 Beograd (Zemun)

Damsko Srce Pirot Workshop©Art-i-Zanat 2019
NemaNiko Exhibition©Art-i-Zanat 2019
Maksa, work in progress©Art i Zanat 2019
Art-i-Zanat logo©Art i Zanat
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