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Network Artesania Catalunya - CCAM Organisation

The Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM) works primarily with a view to modernising and adapting the artisanal structure of Catalonia in all sectors: production, design, image and advertising, brand creation and marketing. The organisation is responsible for promoting Catalan craftsmanship, both nationally and international, through a programme of events, conferences and competitions. The organisation fosters Catalonia’s rich craftsmanship heritage and ensures artisanal training and links to viable careers. It also guarantees the Catalan handicraft sector benefits from communication strategies, analytical services, which review the sector and its markets and subsidies.

Banys Nous, 11
08002 Barcelona


Artesania Catalunya Center ©Enric Monfort
Craft Now Event © Martín Tarifeño
Protected Seeds. Teresa Rosa Aguayo. National Craft Award 2019 ©Raül Torrent
Artesania Catalunya logo © Artesania Catalunya
Events of Artesania Catalunya - CCAM
posted on 24 June, 2022

The European Prize for Applied Arts 21 flies towards Barcelona

posted on 23 September, 2021

III International Exhibition of Audiovisual Crafts

posted on 26 April, 2021

2nd Professional Crafts Conference by CCAM

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