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Network Arts Council Azerbaijan Organisation

Arts Council Azerbaijan is an independent international art platform established in 2006. The organization promotes Azerbaijani art and culture through numerous projects linked to the arts sector: visual art, craftsmanship, theatre, and music. They work to shape cultural and education policies and practice and seek to increase opportunities for people to engage in art and cultural activities. Arts Council Azerbaijan is working closely with government agencies, diplomatic missions and the media to carry out various projects and initiatives. A programme of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, talks, discussions and film screenings provide networking opportunities and shared experiences. They support young and emerging artists by sharing their work and providing advice to help them to grow professionally.

Old City, 105, Kichik Qala str.
AZ 1000 Baku


Art Tower ©Dadash Mammadov
Photo by Alexander Karyagin.jpeg
Arts Council Azerbaijan's logo ©Arts Council Azerbaijan
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