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The Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm (ACAB) was established in 2002 to represent Bornholm’s most skilled professional craftsmen and women. The association celebrates the diversity of its member artisans, whilst promoting high standards of excellence, the importance of collaboration and local cultural heritage with exhibitions and pop-ups. Since 2015, ACAB has been a member of World Crafts Council Europe and as a result has worked to increase international ties, cultural exchanges and awareness of Bornholm’s crafts in order to support its local craftsmanship culture and businesses. In 2017 the island of Bornholm was designated World Craft Region by the World Craft Council (WCC), the first island and region in Europe to receive this prestigious accolade for its contribution to craftsmanship.

Søndergade 3
3740 Svaneke


Artwork from Gerner Jahncke©Ida Buss
Artwork from Kaori Juzu©MindGap
Artwork from Sarah Oakman©Sarah Oakman
Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm Logo ©ACAB
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