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Network Association De Mains de Maîtres Luxembourg Association

The Association De Mains de Maîtres Luxembourg is a non-profit organisation aiming to support and promote craftsmanship in Luxembourg. One of its missions is to establish a fine contemporary craft biennial, which was initiated in 2016 by HRH Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg. The biennial exhibits works of selected Luxembourg creators together with international artists, and builds bridges with other European countries. Aside from the biennial, the association develops a cross-border programme of exhibitions to help export the fine craftsmanship of the Grand-Duchy and spread its spirit internationally. It also delivers scholarships for excellence, reflecting its commitment to encouraging, preserving and passing on artisanal know-how.

2 Circuit de la Foirie Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


out of time -Jeitz Calliste Artisan©Jeitz Calliste
biosphère I - Wouter van der Vlugt Artisan©Wouter van der Vlugt
A Prickly Package - Ellen van der Woude Artisan©Ellen van der Woude
Pascale Seil, ‘ L’infini’©Christof Weber
DMDM Logo©Association de mains de maîtres - Luxembourg
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