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Network Swiss Arts Crafts Association Association

Founded in 2016, the Swiss Arts Crafts Association (Association Suisse des Métiers d'Art, or ASMA) is the Swiss body that federates and coordinates actions undertaken to preserve, value and encourage the development of craftsmanship in the country. Through targeted actions it identifies master artisans, supports the preservation of exceptional techniques and encourages artisanal know-how to be passed on a new generation. It also organises the European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) in Switzerland and represents the country in the international craft industry. ASMA recognises, honours and awards craftsmen and women distinguishing themselves through the exceptional character of their work.

p.a. rue de la Barre 8
1014 Lausanne


Beatrice Lipp Artisan©David Gagnebin de Bons
Anne-Claude Virchaux Artisan©Nicolas Righetti
Christophe Kiss, Puppet Sculptor©Thierry Hogan
Swiss Arts Crafts Association logo©ASMA
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