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Craft2eu is an agency and online-shop for European arts and crafts, based in Leipzig, Germany. The agency-shop presents a selection of outstanding craft and design pieces from Europe's best studios and workshops. Craft2eu places a strong importance on the cultural traditions, creative innovation and technical mastery, when choosing objects from creators of jewellery to tableware. Each artisan, artist, designer, atelier represented, embodies their philosophy to value handmade and unique works. The team behind Craft2eu, under the direction of art historian and curator Schnuppe von Gwinner, are experts in craftsmanship and provide advice to collectors and buyers on acquiring art works.

Friedrich Ebert Strasse 66
04109 Leipzig


"Nature“ 2016, collectibles of 12 European craft artists - curation & exhibition design craft2eu for GRASSIMESSE (Detail - S.Cook/UK; W.Meurer/CH) © Schnuppe von Gwinner
"Für’s Fest“ 2018, collectibles of 71 German and European craft artists - curation & exhibition design craft2eu for MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG (Detail - B.Naning/NL; J.Crisp/UK; P.Wüstenberg/D a.o.) © Schnuppe von Gwinner
"GRASSI for Friends“ 2019, presentation of 5 craft artists from Saxony - curation & stand design craft2eu for Friends of Grassi MfAA © Schnuppe von Gwinner
"Purpur Parcours“ 2015, collectibles of 12 European craft artists - curated by craft2eu for GRASSIMESSE as follow-up to SA Goldscheider/ARGELustig/Haude © Schnuppe von Gwinner
Craft2eu logo © Craft2eu
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