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Crafts Council Nederland (CCNL) is a multi-varied platform for contemporary craft where art, fashion, design and heritage unite, and where craftsmanship is nurtured and passed on to a new generation. As part of this role, Crafts Council Nederland is building an infrastructure to help preserve and encourage intangible heritage and to future-proof craft techniques. CCNL's online 'craftsmap' presents the country's top craftsmen and women, education bodies, unions and museums. Its sponsors include the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Creative Industries Fund NL, and it is an affiliate of the World Crafts Council.

Boulevard Heuvelink 23
6828 KG Arnhem


Students following a masterclass of Meet the Master during Dutch Design Week 2014 © Crafts Council Nederlands
Indigo Sharing blue exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2016 - © Crafts Council Nederlands
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