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Lausanne's ECAL is a highly respected university of art and design offering bachelor's and master's programmes in art, cinema, design for luxury & craftsmanship, graphic design, industrial & product design, media & interaction design, photography and type design. Courses are vocational and practice-orientated, aiming to equip students with the necessary skills to start their careers with a competitive edge. The university's 600 students participate in workshops led by seasoned professionals and have the chance to be involved in exhibitions and events to highlight their work. ECAL works closely with global design firms and offers students opportunities to work on collaborative projects, allowing them to hone their skills to the highest professional standards and develop a quality portfolio to increase their job prospects after graduation.

Avenue du Temple 5
1020 Renens


Celestial Mechanics - Axel Crettenand©ECAL
ECAL- Younes Klouche©ECAL
Formafantasma - Axel Crettenand©ECAL
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