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Network Ecole Duperré School

Founded in 1856, École Duperré is a public higher education institution in Paris offering degree-level training in fashion, textiles, interior design, graphic arts and ceramics, including three-year programmes leading to the DN Made (Diplôme National des Métiers d’arts et du Design) qualification. Around 500 students a year receive a dynamic, rigorous training that emphasises knowledge and innovation and encourages risk-taking and curiosity. Students have the chance to work on projects in partnership with businesses, allowing them to gain the experience and skills they need to thrive in the professional arena. The school also has a strong international outlook, sending students to spend time in partner institutions abroad, while foreign students are invited to study at École Duperré.

11 Rue Dupetit-Thouars
75003 Paris


Building Ecole Duperre©Jérémy Soudant
Undefined title - Jenna Broult Student©Jérémy Soudant
Ecole Duperré logo©Ecole Duperré - Paris
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