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Network Escola Massana School

Escola Massana is a school of art and design founded in 1929 in Barcelona. It offers instruction around the three conceptual areas of visual arts, applied arts and design. A basic education with an artistic baccalaureate, higher education with advanced vocational training programmes or undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in art and design. The school distinguishes itself by offering the only bachelor's and master's courses in contemporary craftsmanship in Spain. The 1,200 international students enrolled each year specialise in product, industrial, textile and graphic design, illustration, visual arts and applied arts including glass and stained glass, ceramics, textile art, tapestry and jewellery.

Plaça de la Gardunya 9
8001 Barcelona


Classroom - Noemí Jariod©Escola Massana
Escola Massana logo©Escola Massana
Students - Escola Massana©Escola Massana
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