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Flanders District of Creativity, known as Flanders DC, is an independent non-profit organisation supporting the creative industries in Flanders, Belgium. The point of contact for entrepreneurs in the creative sector, it offers guidance, resources and assistance to help transform an idea into a profitable and sustainable business. Its networking events encourage cross-industry collaboration and its workshops and seminars offer inspiration and expert advice on how to grow a creative business. The organisation also showcases home-grown talent to a global audience by helping creative entrepreneurs participate in international fairs and enter awards. Founded in 2004, Flanders DC merged with the Flanders Fashion Institute and Flanders Design in 2016 to become an umbrella body for the industry.

Ravensteingalerij 38
1000 Brussels


Belgium is Design at Maision&Objet january 2018, group booth together with WBDM ©Marek Swoboda for Belgium is Design
Lab for designers on Internationalisation in Design. ©Juan Wyns for Flanders DC
Flanders DC logo
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