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Network Georgian Heritage Crafts Association Association

Georgian Heritage Crafts Association is a membership organisation with the founding aim to both protect Georgian heritage crafts and ensure a sustainable future for them. By coordinating networking opportunities for all protagonists of the Georgian crafts sector, they seek to create a strong community centred on the safeguarding of precious inherited skills. Their initiatives include promotional activities, advocacy to government bodies, marketing, education programmes, research and technical and financial support. Their projects include artisan led workshops, youth scholarships abroad and exhibitions.

Akaki Khorava str.
0179 Tbilisi


Wooden tableware with silver and stone inlay by Nino Misriashvilim Photo by Otar Datuashvili©GHCA
Metal inlay workshop of the master Teimuraz Jalaghonia, Photo by Ana Shanshiashvili©GHCA
Akhaltiskhe Crafts Festival 2019, organized by GHCA, Photo by Otar Datuashvili©GHCA
Wood turned Tableware by the master Givi Abaidze; Photo by Otar Datuashvili©GHCA
Events of Georgian Heritage Crafts Association
posted on 10 October, 2020

Online Festival of Crafts Workshops

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