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Network German Confederation of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses Governmental / Para-governmental organisation

German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks, ZDH) is responsible for the whole of the skilled crafts sector in Germany. It consists of two entities. First is the Chambers of Skilled Crafts, which provides advice on financial and legal matters and training in their vocational centres. All craft enterprises must join one of the 53 chambers. Second is the National Confederations of Skilled Crafts which have a voluntary membership and represent the specialist interests of a particular trade sector or skilled craft. The purpose of ZDH is to reach a consensus on all major issues in crafts policy in Germany. ZDH is also responsible for coordinating activities related to European policy affecting skilled craft companies.

Mohrenstraße 20/21
10117 Berlin


ZDH/Tomek Kwiatosz
ZDH/Tomek Kwiatosz
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