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Network Museu de Arte Popular / Museu Nacional de Etnologia Governmental / Para-governmental organisation

The National Museum of Ethnology (Museu Nacional de Etnologia, MNE) holds the most significant ethnographic heritage collections in Portugal. It encompasses 11.600 objects - including ceramics, jewellery, musical instruments, basketry and textiles - from the Museum of Popular Art’s (Museu de Arte Popular’s) collection. The building of the Museum of Popular Art is one of the few remaining structures originally built for Portuguese World Exhibition in Lisbon in 1940, and was designated as a Monument of Public Interest in 2012. Its architectural value is largely due to its wall paintings created in 1948, dedicated to several themes of popular culture. Since 2012 the Museum of Popular Art and the National Museum of Ethnology constitute two poles of a single museum. https://museuartepopular.wordpress.com/

Av. Ilha da Madeira
1400-204 Lisbon


Exhibition Físicas do Património Português, 2019©DGPC, MNE, João André
Exhibition Agricultura Lusitana, 2018©DGPC, MNE, João André
Museu de Arte Popular / Museu Nacional de Etnologia logo©Museu de Arte Popular
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