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Network National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History Museum

The state-run National Museum of Ireland (Ard-Mhúsaem na hÉireann) was founded in 1877 as the Museum of Science and Art, Dublin, and now encompasses several separate sites dedicated to aspects of Ireland's history and cultural heritage. Since 1997 its Decorative Arts & History collection has been housed in the Collins Barracks, a former army barracks in Dublin. This iconic cultural institution charts Ireland's social, economic, military and political heritage, with one of its main aims to promote a wider understanding of the country's decorative arts. Its core collections include Irish glass, 21st century Irish craftsmanship, furniture design and interiors, fashion and jewellery, and Irish silver. The museum also pursues an active outreach and education programme, providing resources for teachers, tours and talks for adults and young people, plus long-term projects with local partners, including community exhibitions and conferences.

Collins Barracks, Benburb St, Arran Quay,


National Museum of Ireland logo©National Museum of Ireland
'"Ib Jorgensen - A Fashion Retrospective" exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History©National Museum of Ireland
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