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Network Northwest Designer Craftartists Organisation

Northwest Designer Craftartists (NWDC) was founded in 1954 to promote design and craftsmanship excellence and to stimulate public appreciation and interest in fine craft. The non-profit organisation invites artists from across the Pacific Northwest working professionally in different craft mediums. The organisation strives to create exciting opportunities for its 175 members by helping them to build their resumes, businesses, and entrepreneurial skills. They support NWDC members with opportunities to market and sell their artwork both digitally and in each member state. NWDC facilitate member education, social networking, mentoring and organise a programme of lectures teaming with art museums, galleries and institutions. They produce documentaries, videos and organise artist talks, as well as offering opportunities for their members to teach their crafts to a wider audience.

PO Box 134
98260 Langley
United States


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©Courtesy of Dorothy McGuinness and NWDC
©Courtesy of Lanny Bergner and NWDC
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