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Network Norwegian Crafts Association

Founded by the Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts in 2012, Norwegian Crafts is a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen the position of Norwegian contemporary crafts internationally through exhibitions, market development, publications, seminars, and network and exchange programmes. In order to fulfill its objectives, Norwegian Crafts collaborates nationally and internationally with renowned museums, educational institutions and other visual arts and design professionals.

Radhusgata 20
151 Olso


Make by Barmen&Brekke Artisans - Lasse Fløde©Pudder
Norwegian-Notes by Kaja Dahl Designer - Lasse Fløde©Pudder
Core Combination by Andrea Muribo & Ann Kristin Einarsen Designers_ Lasse Fløde©Pudder - Styling Kråkvik&D'Orazio
NC logo©Norwegian Crafts
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