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Network Nów. New Craft Poland Association

Nów. New Craft Poland is an organization of modern craftspeople, specialised in an array of crafts. The only criteria is that each craftsperson produces pieces that are high quality, handmade and original, using sustainable production processes which ensure longevity of the craft. It brings together active studios from all over Poland. The main aim of the organisation is to spread knowledge about contemporary Polish craft, promote it in Poland and abroad, as well as represent the interests of craftspeople when dealing with public institutions.

ul. Homera 46
04-264 Warsaw


Making /Things. Exhibition about new craft at Institut of design Kielce, Poland, 2020 ©Radek Zawadzki
Nów in Full (Nów w Pełni). Annual exhibition at Stacja Muranów, Warsaw, 2019 ©Robert Liwacki
Piece by Maciej Gąsienica Giewont (wood) and Olga Milczyńska (ceramics) at design fair Warsaw Home, 2019 ©Radek Zawadzki
Stand of Nów. New Craft Poland on the design fair Warsaw Home, 2019 ©Radek Zawadzki
Nów. New Craft Poland logo©Nów. New Craft Poland
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