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Network Phivos Stavrides Foundation - Larnaca Archives Foundation

Founded in 2015, the Phivos Stavrides Foundation - Larnaca Archives is a research centre for the history and culture of Cyprus, focusing on literature, archaeology and immaterial cultural heritage. Its collection includes more than 50,000 documents, old and rare books and unique publications from or pertaining to Cyprus. The foundation organises seminars, exhibitions and events, and publishes books on history, art and crafts in collaboration with its partners. It designs and curates specialised museum exhibits relating to traditional Cypriot crafts and their application to contemporary life, and arranges practical seminars to promote the learning of traditional crafts, such as Lefkara lace, with special emphasis on their development according to contemporary aesthetics and the needs of local society.

Iosif Hadjikyriakos 1 Zenonos Kitieos
6023 Larnaca


Lefkaca embroiderery - Paralimni Technical school©Vaggelis Solomonides
Paralimni Technical school©Garen Meserlian
Canework museum of merory - Phivos Stavrides Foundation©Ismene Chacholiades
Phivos Stavrides Foundation logo©Phivos Stavrides Foundation
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