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Network Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Jewellery

Created in 2018, the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Jewellery
is a non-profit organisation based in Paris.

Its mission is to promote author jewellery and contemporary art jewellery and to contribute to the preservation of associated skills by encouraging the establishment of bridges between these forms of artistic expression and other artistic practices, skills, disciplines and fields of knowledge.

Through its programme of exhibitions, the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund aims not only to
encourage vocations, but also to raise awareness, mobilise and introduce the public to
contemporary experimental jewellery. These events aim to support young emerging artists, to strengthen the visibility of established artists and to sensibilise the public through prestigious exhibitions presenting the greatest masters of this discipline.

In order to increase the visibility of its action and to ensure its longevity, the Robert Mazlo
Endowment Fund also devotes a significant part of its activity to the publication of books
dedicated to this discipline through the collection "Jewellery as Art".

31 Rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris


Christel van der Laan brooch SOUND OF THEN II 2018 ©Robert Frith
Postcard from hometown brooch_Jana Machatova Artisan©Peter Ancic
Fieldwork brooch_Karin Herwegh Artisan©Marc Nagtzaam
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