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Network Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia School

The only higher education establishment of its kind in the world, the Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia, is a specialised institution training students in engraving and plastic modelling, as well as metal arts. Founded in 1907 to train artist engravers for the Italian Mint, it is still based within the historic buildings of the Mint in Rome and offers a postgraduate programme covering all aspects of artistic design and production within arts of excellence which are strictly related to Italian artistic heritage and the craft of coin engraving. Taught by professionals including engravers, technicians from the Mint and masters of arts, the training focuses on the artistry and technique of metal arts, encouraging students to develop creative maturity through the study of ancient practices and the research and development of new procedures. The school also promotes medal-making in Italy and beyond, and encourages students to participate in international exhibitions.

Via Principe Umberto 4
185 Rome


Artisan from Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia©Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia .jpeg
Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia logo©Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia
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