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The Craft Project is a French association born out of the podcast which goes by the same name, which has been promoting craftspeople and craftsmanship since 2018. The association was founded by arts and crafts entrepreneur Raphaëlle Le Baud and master bronzier d’art Pierre Salagnac. The association has several aims: firstly to create a community of artisans who collectively think of innovative strategies to build the futures of their crafts. Secondly, to raise awareness of craftsmanship among the general public by introducing them to materials and to beauty. Thirdly, to democratize the market for crafts of excellence. Lastly, to encourage vocations by shedding light on exemplary destinies and adventures in the arts and crafts. Through their non-profit digital media, through communication and sharing actions on social networks, by participating in conferences, taking part in juries, events and continuing to intervene in schools, the association promotes craftsmanship

4, rue du Bout Maudit
76740 Bourville


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posted on 25 January, 2021

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