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Network The Cyprus Handicraft Service Governmental / Para-governmental organisation

The Cyprus Handicraft Service (CHS) is the Republic of Cyprus governmental body under the Deputy Ministry of Culture,responsible for promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Cypriot craftsmanship while enhancing its competitiveness through research and design innovation. The CHS designs and implements policies, to ensure that the local know-how in craft making will be preserved and passed on to the new generation of artisans. At the same time, its policies encourage cottage industries, marketing handicrafts, and strengthening domestic production to ensure a sustainable economic model around Cypriot craftsmanship. In 2020, the CHS launched a new policy plan to modernise the institution and increase the craft sector's competitiveness and commercial development. The new policy embraces technological advancements, research and entrepreneurship and it acknowledges the relevance of contemporary makers in fostering innovative approaches that allow traditional craft to remain relevant and dynamic.

Athalassas Ave 186
2025 Nicosia


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©Filep Motwary
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