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Network Observatory for Arts and Crafts Association

Established in 2001, the Observatory for Arts and Crafts (Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte, or OMA) in Florence, Italy, is a non-profit association of private Italian bank foundations committed to safeguarding and promoting handicrafts and the artistic heritage of arts and crafts, and preserving the cultural identity of the region. It supports local and international training and internships and, since 2010, has granted an OMA label of quality to qualifying artisans. It also highlights excellence in young artisans with the aim of drawing future generations to master craftsmanship.

6 Via Maurizio Bufalini
50122 Florence


Research, exhibitions and publications. To promote understanding of the work done by craftspeople through studies, targeted research and monographic publications as tools useful for communicating new and good practices. © Michele Monasta
Artisans and OmA Brand. To certify the quality of Italian artisan production and processes and to penetrate to the heart of artistic crafting and its authentic values with the support of specialised cultural mediators. © Juri Ciani
Young crafters and international training. To develop hands-on learning experiences and to promote an international network of institutions and young artisans from European Erasmus+ projects in the field of artistic crafts. © Filippo Manzini
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