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The Warsaw Praga Museum - Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi, a branch of the Warsaw Museum, is an institution that protects and propagates the heritage of the entire right-bank area of Warsaw, it is one of the city's first museums located on the right bank of the Vistula. Established in 2006, in the historic tenements at Targowa 50/52, which date back to the 18th century, it is next to the Różycki Bazaar (the oldest active market in Warsaw). The museum’s permanent exhibition covers the history of Warsaw’s right bank settlements. Archival photographs, souvenirs, and interactive multimedia exhibits celebrate the unique cultural identity of the area. The historic basement of the museum features a variety of artistic installations and the Craft Studio – a workshop space provided with tools gathered from Warsaw craftsmen. In the buildings at Targowa is a former Jewish house of prayer, a key location on the Judaica trail. The Museum has it’s own vimeo channel about local craftsmen.

50/52 Targwa Street
03-733 Warsaw


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© Jakub Certowicz
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