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Network ÚL'UV - The Centre for Folk Art Production Governmental / Para-governmental organisation

ÚL'UV, The Centre for Folk Art Production, is a national institution of the Slovakian Ministry of Culture that functions as a nationwide documentation and information centre for folk art production and encourages the revival of Slovak designs with an emphasis on craft, tradition and creativity. It carries out research, documentation and monitoring of current forms of folk art production in Slovakia and promotes the work of master craftsmen and women. It leads an extensive national register of producers in the Slovak Republic and through cooperation with designers it initiates innovation and development in this area, and encourages creative partnerships between artisans, designers and design students. Ú'UV also organises festivals, exhibits, craft classes and workshops for adults and children in its Regional Craft Centres. Since 2008, it has operated the Museum of Folk Art Production.

Obchodná 64
816 11 Bratislava


Majolica set by Vlastimil Havlíček Artisan©ÚĽUV
Wire basket by J. Zoller Artisan©ÚĽUV
úl'uv logo©úl’uv – The Centre for Folk Art Production
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