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Network Vilnius Academy of Arts School

The Vilnius Academy of Arts (Vilniaus dailės akademija) was established in 1793 and is the oldest and largest university for the arts in the Baltic region. The academy is a member of international networks and associations of European higher education institutions of art and design. It offers specialised courses including painting, culture management, glass art, solid craft skills and artistic tendencies. Its students, which number more than 1,800, are spread across four different Lithuanian cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Tel'iai and Klaip'da. Since 1990, nearly 100 of the academy's alumni have been awarded National Art Awards.

Maironio g. 6
LT-01124 Vilnius


Codes of Culture Mimesis of Smile by Kornelija Gerikaite Artisan©Vilnius Academy of Art
Restoration of 19th Century Coach by Dovydas Ušinskas©Vilnius Academy of Art
The Ghotic Hall©Vilnius Academy of Arts
Damask Writing by Robertas Veikša Artisan©Vilnius Academy of Art
VAA logo©Vilnius Academy of Arts
Events of Vilnius Academy of Arts
posted on 15 April, 2021

Online Conference: "Art and architecture conservation training in Europe: Relevant Experiences and Mastering Conservation Methods"

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