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Network Re/Lab Association

Re/Lab is a design studio formed in 2016 and based in Tirana, Albania, that encompasses architecture and art, interior projects, product design, graphic design, installations and more. Through research, it aims to create a new design path in Albania which also appeals to an international audience. The studio invites people to think differently and see beyond what's normally available. With this philosophy in mind, it designs handmade pieces that aim to explore, revive and evolve the craftsmanship tradition in Albania.

Rruga Ibrahim RugovaNdertesa 2Hyrja 14/1Apartamenti 9
1001 Tirana

HandmadeCarpet - Mediterranea18 Artisan© Relab
Hand painted Sofa©Relab
Strangely Familiar Mediterranea18©Relab
Relab Logo©Relab
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