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Publication - posted on 3 November, 2022 Craft Britain: Why making matters

This recently published book celebrates British craftspeople; from those practising rare and heritage crafts to those...

EVENT - posted on 31 August, 2022 Arts & Crafts | New Design Biennial

The first edition of Arts & Crafts | New Design Biennial focuses on craftsmanship, technology, innovation and sustain...

Initiative - posted on 6 July, 2022 A chair and you

From 28 October 2022, A chair and you, will be mudac’s first exhibition, following on from the inaugural events, and ...

Initiative - posted on 24 June, 2022 The European Prize for Applied Arts 21 flies towards Barcelona

From July 7th, BeCraft will be holding of the European Prize for Applied Arts at CCAM in Barcelona.